Song Foolery Poster

Song Foolery

In 2006, I produced an April Fool's day concert at a local Boston comedy club (The Tribe Theater). The show featured three groups: the Loose Canon Chorale, a chorus which I founded in 2003; Inner D, an a cappella group with whom I was singing at the time; and Zubenelgenubi, a jug band I put together and led for the occasion. The show sold out the club. The set lists are below; titles highlighted in green are pieces which I wrote, arranged, or wrote lyrics for. Underlined titles are links to the MP3s from the concert. I also designed the poster for the show. Enjoy!-

The Loose Canon Chorale

Conducted by Joel Sindelar (JDS)

Can't Buy Me Love (arr. King's Singers)
Now Is the Month of Maying
My bonnie Lass, She Smelleth (PDQ Bach)
Tax round (original by the IRS chorus/response by JDS)
The Sports of May
Falling in Love (PDQ Bach)
Please, KIind Sir (PDQ Bach)
on Hairy Men (words and music by JDS)
The Taco Bell Canon (Hydrogenated Oil verse by JDS)

Inner D

Brett Benge, Ben Kram, Michael Glashow, Matt Williams, and JDS

Sweet Dreams (arranged and co-choreographed by JDS)
Thank You
Paper Dolls
Shaving Cream (arranged by JDS)
I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts
I'm Tired of Bein' Alone (words and music by JDS; choreographed by JDS)


JDS, guitar, jug, kazoo, vocals; Guy Mendilow, piano, vocals; Miss Tess, guitar and vocals; Rob Rudin, washboard/laundry; Robbie Phillips, washtub bass; Suzanna Elkin, Violin; Cello Joe, cello and beatbox.

Modern Day Fish
Don't Forget to Laugh/Laughin' in Rhythm
Besnigula Besnusnu
Gin and Tonic
Lime in the Coconut
I ain't Broke- but I'm badly bent
Blah blah blah (arranged by JDS)
My Dingaling (arranged by JDS)